What Inspires Critical

via TheBeeShine

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Critical is a freestyle battle vet, but a true artist at heart. From years of battling and song writing, Critical has been able to perfect his craft and meet like-minded artists along the way. He teamed up with another Florida battle vet, Madness, to create the group Critical Madness.

Check for their 2006 release "Finding The Plot", Critical’s 2009 solo album "Medical Records", the group’s 2009 mixtape "Organ Donors", and their 2010 official debut album "Bringing Out The Dead", released through Domination Recordings. "Bringing Out The Dead" features collaborations with Joell Ortiz, Sabac Red, Young Zee, Little Vic, and others. The majority of production is handled by TEMPERMENTAL with additional tracks from TzariZM, Marco Polo, and DC The MIDI Alien.

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